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advent children complete wallpapers

Unlike the original version of Advent Children, Final Fantasy VII AC Complete has additional 26 minutes worth of footage within the main feature, i really like when cloud fight with sephiroth its more cool and bloody, then a scene when reno lost control of his helicopter and the deep story of Denzel, for FF fans i recommend you to buy the blu-ray of this movie, but before it you can download my FFVII Advent Children Complete PSP Theme, Enjoy !!

Download AC Complete PSP Theme

This PSP Themes compatible with XMB 4.00, 4.01, 5.00 m33 firmware or higher version


  1. cloud strife said...
    Baduy nman nito.. hindi nman magamit nagpost ka pa... ayus nman daming kaartehan sa winzip ewan mo..
    raedyfor said...
    i'm sorry i don't understand, can you please speak with english language?
    Anneke said...
    The link is broken. =[[[[
    Aphiwat said...
    english dude english

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